Saturday, April 25, 2009

Official Song.

Thanks once again to God Almighty that He willingly gave us His permission to finish our official song called 'Antara Venus Dan Mars'. The truth is we just finished it two days ago. Although the quality is still poor, we are giving out our best effort to make it sounds more Retro. On the other hand, our drummer has created a new song too which is called 'One Sweet Moment'. Please, don't be fool by the title because the lyric is about...( you'll know when you had listen to us one day. Can't tell right now.) And yeah, his lyrics are a 'little' bit self-centered but I've tried to make it sound more descent and it worked.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Creator Of New Melody

Although he looks as if he has quite few experiences in music, he's the one that contributes to most of our songs. He has a unique taste in creating a new melody. Oh, by the way, he is our second lead guitarist and his name is Limin. He used to play mainstream musics with his former bands and when he left, I pet his mind to listen to Indie musics and I was quite surprise when he in return replied to me, "Raged and simple jua lagu ani".

Changed Point Of View

We had our practise last night from 1930 to 2200. We had a great time together. The only thing that spoils our greatest moment is that when we tried to play other band's song, we did not manage to perfect it because it's been nearly two weeks that we started to play our own song.

Some might say that we are being self-centered. From my point of view, it is more easy to play own songs because we don't have to imitate our voice or the beat. Instead, we just have to become ourselves.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Further Introduction.

We do have our own songs such as Being Garfield, Melancholic Tragedy, Heaven's Lounge and there's a new one to be made which is called 'Come'ari dan Pergi. It should be done by the end of this week. although we haven't record any of it, some local Indie bands have heard the songs and you should have a try. We are having our practises everyday at our own "studio" and if you have the time, please come. Your presence might boost up our spirit. CHEER UP!

New to this.

Hey. We are 'Antara Venus Dan Mars' or you can refer us to 'AVDM'. Thanks to God Almighty that He is willing to let us create this space of ours. Hope you'll get what you want. Cheers!